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Family sized Grocery Boxes

Weekly Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Family Grocery Boxes of 25lb+ worth of groceries coming soon!


The Aisle 5ive Grocery Box is our produce delivery service. We bring a variety of fruits and vegetables to your home or business within the city of Dallas, or the box can be picked up at our storefront location. You determine the frequency of ordering from two box options below, which are both available in small (25lbs*) and large (50lbs*) sizes.

Veggie & Fruit Lover Choice Boxes
We source produce from an array of local and regional growers. We look for growers who harvest within several days of delivery and traveling short distances to our hub, your produce is at peak freshness and is nutritionally dense. We really put a lot of effort into making sure this produce is fresh & high quality (we need you to love produce -- not hate it lol). 

What will you find in your box? Along with familiar vegetables, we also hope to expand your palette by introducing you to something you may have never eaten before. We will announce what will come in the boxes on this page so you're aware of what will come inside the box.

A La Carte Grocery Boxes
Yes we will offer customers to make their own grocery box depending on the size you choose. Fruit & veggies are sourced both from Texas and outside of the region for more variety. Based on which ones you select, vegetables & fruit will be from Texas if possible. A La Carte boxes will be available year-round.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, SNAP/EBT**, Bitcoin and Ethereum for either grocery box.

*Box weight will be approximate; may be over or under by .5+/-
**We are still awaiting State approval before we are allowed to accept. You will need to present your card or prescription upon delivery.



Contact us at info@aisle5ive.store for any questions.